Sinful Puzzle dates inferno v1.0.13 Mod (No Ads) Download APK Android

Sinful Puzzle dates inferno v1.0.13 Mod (No Ads) Download APK Android

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Game: Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno | Mod APK Android

Version v1.0.13
Developer Whee Games Ltd
Root needed NO
Data – OBB NO
Internet required YES
Size 60.1 MB


Chplay: Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno – APK

Sinful Puzzle dates inferno – Mod Functions:

– No ads

– Unlimited energy

– Unlimited crystals (energy and crystals are not given immediately, but ~5 seconds after clicking)


+ When you use Android 6 and up, you must grant the “Storage” permission before opening the game

+ Watch the video tutorial here: click here > How to Grant Permission!

Game How to install:

– For No-Root:

1- Remove original game

2- if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.

3- Download modded APK

4- Install modded APK

5- Enjoy =))

– For Game have obb or data:

1- Download OBB files or DATA files and extract files zip

2- Download mod APK.

3- Move OBB-Data Files ( folder) to Android/OBB folder in your device, or move Data files ( folder) to Android/data folder in your device

4- Install APK mod at

5- Enjoy the mod =)

Description “Sinful Puzzle” Free Download Mod APK:

1. The preface:

For every mobile user, most people know puzzle games. This type of game has been around for a long time and is not outdated. This type of game does not have many graphics, nor does it have complex gameplay. Therefore, a lot of people choose it for entertainment.

Referring to “Candy Crush”, most people probably know this famous puzzle game. However, if you are looking for a more interesting game to change your taste, then the APK “Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno” is a good choice for you. Once you install and play it, you’ll probably really enjoy this game.

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2. Unique puzzle game:

In today’s mobile game market, there are too many puzzle games. Finding a fun game to spend time entertaining is not easy. Therefore, we will share with you the game “Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno”, this is the game you want to play and are looking for. This is a special game, it does not want to be a boring game, so it is a unique combination of humor, fun and even lewd!

The plot of the game is very attractive. In this game you will start in a state of waking up from the gates of hell. Your job is a boring cashier and you want your life to be more interesting. What is special is that you discover hell. However, you realize that demons are not really big and scary creatures as people think. The truth is, they are charming girls, with some little hell-like traits. From there you realize that it’s all just a lie to scare us humans.

In this game, you also discover an interesting spa treatment for people, that is using boiling plastic, this is not the torture as people think. You will be engaged in compelling story, and you need to answer correctly. By solving fun and complex puzzles, do you think you can reach the charming girl “Lucifer”? Download the game and explore.

3. Game Features:

+ Many levels to explore: In this game, as you progress, more mermaids, youkai and hell queens will appear. Levels increase in difficulty, and you will have to pass levels to meet interesting characters. Think you can afford it to the end of the game?

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+ Many interesting locations in hell: “Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno” is the game that designs the colorful locations of hell, not many games can do it. Players will surely have fun moments while exploring unique places in the game.

+ Chat with female demon characters: There will be different female demons to seduce and flirt with you. Answer the questions they ask, the answer is you, play comfortably. During the game, you can slowly unlock and get to know more about these charming girls. Do you want to discover them?

+ Note when solving puzzles: Many puzzles require you to solve in this game. However, they are only part of this rich game. You should also note that it is advisable to follow the instructions in the game, this will help you score more points. For example, some demons love flames, so they like you to grab red balls in succession. This means, if you score with some blue balls, then you will hardly avoid penalty.

+ Great graphics and realistic voiceover: Graphically speaking, “Sinful Puzzle: dates inferno” is equipped with interesting and unique graphics. Every design is very meticulous, you will love the character design and puzzle texture in this game. Not only does it well in terms of visuals, but the producer also lets real people voice the demon girls, so the game becomes authentic and attractive.

4. Tips for playing sin puzzles: Dates Inferno:

Here are some great tips to help you play this game more easily:

+ Earning points smartly: Thinking about your moves is helping you get more coins and more points in this game. Your task is to connect balls of the same color together. However, each character will give you different points, as they have their own color preferences. For example, you will get 10 points if you choose blue, because the demon girl doesn’t like that color, on the contrary, 20 points will belong to you if you choose red, etc.

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+ Spend a bit of time watching the promotional video: In the original version of the game, it is not easy to earn diamonds and money in this game, unless you spend money to buy them. However, you can view the ad to get more bonuses for you.

5. The game “Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno” APK Mod:

Are the ads annoying you, and you want to get rid of them? APK “Sinful Puzzle: Dates Inferno” Mod helps you to do that. You will easily unlock levels, unlimited energy and crystals for you in this Mod. Download the Mod APK now and become a hell conqueror!


We hope you enjoy the website! If you like the modified apk versions at our website, please share them with your friends and relatives and share them on social networking sites for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, wish you all happy using the modified apk apk version! Thank you all for visiting and accompanying Likemod!

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