Parkour Race – Freerun Game v1.7.0 Mod (Unlock All) APK For Android

Parkour Race – Freerun Game v1.7.0 Mod (Unlock All) APK For Android

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Name: Parkour Race – Freerun Game Version | Mod APK Free For Android

Version: v1.6.2 + v1.7.0

Root needed: NO

Data – OBB: NO

Developer: Madbox

Internet required: YES

Mod: YES

Size: 52.2 MB

Parkour Race - Freerun Game Mega Mod

Chplay: Parkour Race – Freerun Game – Mod APK Free For Android

Parkour Race – Freerun Game Mod Functions:

– Unlock All

– Unlimited Money

– No Ads

– Unlimited Gems

– Free Shopping


+ When you use Android 6 and up, you must grant the “Storage” permission before opening the game

+ Watch the video tutorial here: click here > How to Grant Permission!

Game How to install:

– For No-Root:

1- Remove original game

2- if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.

3- Download modded APK

4- Install modded APK

5- Enjoy =)

– For Game have obb or data:

1- Download OBB files or DATA files and extract files zip

2- Download mod APK.

3- Move OBB-Data Files ( folder) to Android/OBB folder in your device, or move Data files ( folder) to Android/data folder in your device

4- Install APK mod at

5- Enjoy the mod =)

Description Parkour Race – Freerun Game Free Mod APK:

1. The preface:

You may not know, Parkour has been around for a long time, since the 80’s. It is the act of moving very quickly from place to place and escaping obstacles with style and sophistication. You may also have seen Parkour on the street or on social media videos. Participants in this subject seem fearless, and can jump and roll in any environment, especially in urban areas.

If you find it interesting, or you love and are passionate about it, you will love the game “Parkour Race”. As far as I can see, every sport today seems to have a game dedicated to it, parkour is no exception. In this game, you will be controlling a character and racing against friends or other players around the world. There are complex obstacles that require you to dodge and overcome them to race to the finish.

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2. Parkour Race game:

Out of the many parkour-themed games available, Parkour Race is rated as one of the best. The name may be simple, but the entertainment is unlimited. Your mission in Parkour Race sounds simple enough, it is to finish first. Only when you find that you are on top of a building at the starting line and you have to dodge many of the obstacles right in front of you, will you find it more challenging and enjoyable than you think.

You can jump, slide, dodge and much more to beat your opponents. This is not a simple race so it is not as simple as other races. All players have a fair chance of winning because a miss can cost you valuable time.

You need effort to win, but with the controls, it’s not as complicated as you might think. You just need to normally slide right, left and up or down to control the movement of your character. The real challenge is timing your swipes so that it corresponds to the right movements. Winning after each level gives you rewards that you can use to unlock anything.

3. Features of the game:

Racing games on mobile devices is no stranger to you, and it has evolved over the past decade. Through so many competitions, manufacturers are finding exciting new ways to compete in the genre. A major aspect common in today’s racing games is that they focus on one main theme. In this case – it’s parkour. Here are the features in Parkour Race:

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+ Simple and friendly graphics: The graphics of Parkour Race are what you might call minimalism. Not many intricate details are annoying as the developers of this game aim for a minimalistic design. The addition of unnecessary designs will distract the player and make it difficult to win. Parkour Race offers exciting 3D racing that allows you to move in different directions and spaces. This game also gives players a lot of control over how they play. In short, Parkour Race’s character design is well done and matches the overall aesthetic.

+ Simple controls: In many games that feature a minimalistic design today, Parkour Race still stands out. If you’ve played any of the mobile games before, you’ll easily get used to the controls in this game. Just swipe up, down, left and right. Difficulty only appears when you encounter obstacles. You need to quickly understand the best way to move. Remember never to stop running because if you do, it could take valuable time to win.

+ Different outfits: There are over 31 different outfits that you can collect and use in this game. Each outfit is uniquely designed. In addition, you can also collect prints that you can use on your outfit. It can be a flag or other special symbol.

+ Beautiful backgrounds: backgrounds, buildings and obstacles all contribute to an excellent game for players. All the elements are done just enough to present the minimalistic look while still delivering an enjoyable gaming experience. You won’t get distracted while playing as there is nothing that stands out too much in the background. On the contrary, the design of the obstacles and the buildings is suitable for the player so they will immediately know how to deal with it. There are electric fences, ramps and all kinds of obstacles waiting for players in this game. Do you have confidence in your ability to overcome obstacles?

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4. Some tips for playing Parkour Race:

In real life, Parkour is an extremely difficult and dangerous sport that very few people can do. Coming to Parkour Race, this game turns everything into a reality for those who want to experience without encountering dangers. Here are some tips to help newcomers feel more confident in this game:

+ Select and use the ramps as much as possible: When you see the slopes with yellow arrows, the ridges decelerate and will help you fly for a short period of time. Take advantage and use them as much as possible to get ahead of other opponents.

+ Focus on looking ahead: Majority of newcomers tend to just look at their character and look at their surroundings. You need to look ahead to formulate a strategy for how to overcome it. Just as in real life, parkour players often plan before starting the sport so that they don’t make mistakes and lead to serious consequences. This game too, to work smoothly, you also need to plan ahead for the next action you are about to perform.

5. Download Parkour Race Mod APK:

I think you really want to instantly unlock all outfits and become the best in this exciting race! To do that, download the All Unlocked Mod and No Ads to become the world’s last excellent parkour player.

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