Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD v2.4.2 Mod (Unlimited diamonds) APK

Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD v2.4.2 Mod (Unlimited diamonds) APK

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Game Name: Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD | Mod APK Free For Android

Version v2.4.2
Developer ZITGA
Root needed NO
Data – OBB NO
Internet required YES
Size 86.6 MB


Chplay: Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD – APK Free For Android

Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD – Mod Functions:

– Unlimited diamonds [ Reward after the battle ]

– No ads


+ When you use Android 6 and up, you must grant the “Storage” permission before opening the game

+ Watch the video tutorial here: click here > How to Grant Permission!

Game How to install:

– For No-Root:

1- Remove original game

2- if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.

3- Download modded APK

4- Install modded APK

5- Enjoy =))

– For Game have obb or data:

1- Download OBB files or DATA files and extract files zip

2- Download mod APK.

3- Move OBB-Data Files (com.xxx folder) to Android/OBB folder in your device, or move Data files (com.xxx folder) to Android/data folder in your device

4- Install APK mod at Likemod.pro

5- Enjoy the mod =))

Description “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TDR” Free Download Mod APK:

1. The preface:

To all of you who have visited this article, you are reading about a perfect tower defense game! Download the game “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD v2.4.2 Mod (Unlimited diamonds” now) and equip your warriors to get ready for the exciting battle right on your Android device.

2. Your mission in the game:

Coming to the game “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD”, your mission is to build huge towers, expand your kingdom. Not just building towers and expanding the kingdom is done, you also have to protect it. To survive in this game, you need to be wise, skillful, have unique strategies and think quickly to make the right decision in a timely and accurate manner.

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Defending the tower is an interesting task for you and enjoy it. You will enjoy animated characters fighting each other! After some time exploring the game, you will have more experience to be ready to participate in more difficult levels. At that time, you will be more and more discover and enjoy the many interesting and attractive things in this game!

3. Beautiful pictures:

At some point during the battle, you will see the game light up with the best visuals. That is when the defenders and the opposition gather the most, the game will shine at the best for you to enjoy! Download “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD” now, you can get addicted right after opening this game!

4. Interesting tower defense game:

You will be the one who has a great responsibility to build, grow, and defend your kingdom. Therefore, you will be responsible for every aspect of the game “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD”. When you win, celebrate and be proud of your abilities. However, if you lose, you can’t blame anyone, grieve for your failure, and try to find a solution to fix it.

5. Some missions when participating in the game Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD:

+ Build some towers and take responsibility for protecting your towers.
+ When building the towers, continue to grow by continuing to build more towers.
+ The enemy will attack with the aim of destroying you and destroying the entire territory that you have built. So, you need to fight hard and smart to fight the waves of enemies.
+ Command heroes, powerful armies. They are powerful assistants to protect your kingdom from invading enemies. Command them strategically so that they complete the task in the best way.

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6. Additional features in the game:

In addition to the main gameplay, Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD also has the following additional features:

+ There are 4 types of towers you can build, which are Militias, Archers, Mage, and Guardian.
+ Each tower will have 5 upgrade options.
+ More than 20 tower abilities.
+ Secret towers are available to honor gameplay.
+ Many types of enemies, there are more than 29 types of enemies, your mission is to fight against them.
+ You have the ability to command more than 10 types of heroes. Besides, you can also upgrade your heroes to see the great results they bring.
+ Collect and use powerups.Because, they can be used a lot in your battles.
+ etc.

7. Note when playing:

Do not be subjective and underestimate your enemy, because you will probably pay the price in battle, in fact you will lose. Your enemies are not as simple as you think they can range from goblins to mages. Each enemy army will have their own skills and abilities, and you must be very cautious and skillful to fight them.

8. Eye-catching and player-friendly 2D graphics:

With the 2D graphics that this game equips, you should not expect too much for clarity in every detail of this game. The animations in this game are above average and you will definitely love them. With bright and player-friendly tones, Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD will bring you a graphic enough for you to enjoy this game well.

9. Simple controls:

When it comes to “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD” game, we want to say that this game is relatively easy to play in terms of controls. However, the game requires you to have a perfect playing strategy in order to survive in levels, you may find this a bit difficult. But don’t worry, we believe there’s nothing you can’t do.

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10. Download Empire Warriors: Tower Defense TD Mod APK:

You can download the game version “Empire Warriors TD” Mod to enjoy the interesting modifications. This is very suitable for those who like to cheat so that they do not have to struggle to make money in the original game version.

If you choose a modified version of the game “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD” in the article, you will be given unlimited use of Diamonds.

Where are all those who love TD games? Please download now APK “Empire Warriors Tower Defense TD” MOD. We are confident that you will instantly fall in love with the addictive tower defense style gameplay in this game.


We hope you enjoy the Likemod.pro website! If you like the modified apk versions at our website, please share them with your friends and relatives and share them on social networking sites for everyone to enjoy.

Finally, wish you all happy using the modified apk apk version! Thank you all for visiting and accompanying Likemod!

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